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Accessories for safety wedging of handles

Item no.: OX E-123

  • Consisting of 2 tapered collars and 1 wooden wedge


Item no.: OX 33-0200

  • Combined grindstone and whetstone made of silicon carbide, with rounded edges
  • This material is considered to be amongst the hardest and best grinding abrasives, and is ideally suited for tools with predominantly flat cutting edges, including axes, hatchets, chisels and knives
  • One side with coarse grain (120) for fast grinding
  • One side with fine grain (320) for fine grinding and honing
  • Uses:
  • With light oil for a fine honed finish
  • With paraffin for a normal ground finish
  • With water for a coarser ground finish
  • Dry for particularly heavy material removal
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