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Recoilless wedge hammer

Item no.: OX 36 H

  • Suitable for safely driving in steel, aluminium and plastic wedges
  • For special surface protection = reduces material wear and thus longer service life of the wedges
  • Can also be used for driving in fence posts
  • Due to the special filling insert in the hammer head, a considerable higher striking force is reached compared to standard engineer's and recoilless hammers
  • Dead blows with no recoil reduces stress on muscles, nerves and wrists
  • Splinter-proof, shatter-proof and wear-resistant polyamide heads, 75 Shore D, tested to -20° C
  • With high-quality hickory handle. End of handle rounded for extra comfort.

Aluminium massive wedge

Item no.: OX 42

  • Forged safety wedge, DBGM*, made of high-quality aluminium
  • Particularly suitable for felling and splitting
  • Acute angled grooves on the front and double longitudinal grooves on the back prevent from jerking back of the wedge
  • Suitable for all felling operations including frozen wood
  • Extremely strong and little weight
  • * German Utility Patent

Plastic felling wedge

Item no.: OX 31 - OX 34

  • Made of high-quality polyamide plastic
  • Extremely impact-resistant and especially suitable for felling, even in extreme cold
  • Optimum wedge effect even in frozen wood

Safety Note: Only suitable for felling - not suitable for splitting

Aluminium chainsaw cutting and felling wedge

Item no.: OX 43

  • Forged safety wedge made of aluminium
  • Acute angled grooves on the front and double longitudinal grooves on the back prevent from jerking back of the wedge
  • Especially suitable for use with motor saw

Twisted aluminium splitting wedge oval

Item no.: OX 41

  • Forged safety splitting wedge, made of high-quality aluminium
  • The wedge is twisted by 30° for extremely effective splitting
  • The oval form provides optimum use and a greater striking face
  • Impacts and damages of the outer striking face are minimised
  • Acute angled grooves on the front, additional saw-tooth on the back and barbed hooks on both sides prevent slipping out and spring-back, even in frozen wood
  • Guide ribs allow a straight drive in
  • Extremely rugged
  • Only suitable for splitting, no felling wegde!
  • DBGM (German utility patent)

Steel wedge

Item no.: OX 40

  • Forged solid wedge with guide groove

Safety Note: Use only hardwood or plastic hammers to drive in steel wedges. Hitting steel on steel can lead to splintering

Aluminium hollow-wedge

Item no.: OX 44 - OX 45

  • Forged from high-quality aluminium
  • For felling and splitting
  • With double longitudinal grooves on the front and back side
  • Particularly developed for bigger wood diameter
  • Available with exchangeable wood shaft and aluminium ring or wear- and weather-proof plastic shaft (DBGM*)
  • The shaft extends the wedge effect and thus enables a higher splitting and spreading effect
  • The aluminium ring of the wood shaft prevents from splintering when driving
  • Aluminium massive wedge complete = Aluminium hollow-wedge, wood shaft, aluminium ring
  • * German Utility Patent
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